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Integrating the enterprise.

We've created a new approach to enterprise business software.
CLX integrates, so your organization no longer has to compromise.
We simplify. You sell.


Integrating the enterprise.

We’ve created a new approach to enterprise business software. CLX integrates, so your organization no longer has to compromise. We simplify. You sell.



Leverage your legacy.

In a perfect world, every business could swap out software infrastructure like a pair of shoes—dump the old, replace with the new. In the real world, organizations are invested in legacy systems that are integral to their business and difficult to replace. Other solutions were designed for a perfect world where companies don’t have to consider their entrenched business model. CLX is an integration platform designed to enhance legacy systems in the cloud.

Never skip a beat.

Executives shudder when they think about overhauling software infrastructure. They see disruption and sales shrinking as dollars fly out the door. CLX is the infrastructure upgrade that slots seamlessly into your already established organization—comprehensive integration in as little as two months for a fraction of what it costs to build a solution from scratch.


Scale in the cloud.

By integrating your systems in the cloud, we make your business nimble. When you grow, we flex to meet needs. When sales priorities shift, we integrate new vendors and applications. Our stable cloud hosting is the infrastructure backbone you need to be flexible in challenging markets.


Harmonize your systems.

Most companies are supported by a disjointed combination of legacy, SaaS, partner and customer systems that operate in silos. CLX integrates and enhances all your systems, uniting your sales and operations within one agile platform. With separate departments now working together and data automated across your entire organization, productivity multiplies.


Streamline your processes.

With all your systems integrated and supported through our cloud, we can package legacy assets, sales functions and operations processes within our simple mobile interface. Serving as a single source of truth across your entire organization, CLX’s intuitive interface can be used on any device and is adaptable to changing needs.



Feed intelligence into your operations.

Business intelligence on its own is a valuable tool. With CLX, it becomes transformative. By feeding business intelligence into your sales and operations, performance data becomes both immediate through real-time dashboards and vast through constant optimization.

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