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An entire support
team packed into
one simple platform.

Proposals are packaged with intelligence.

Customers are managed with ease.

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We simplify. You sell.

We manage products and technology.

You build relationships and results.

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Because sales involves
more than just selling.

Colony Logic introduces CLX – the all-in-one
platform that makes it easier and more profitable
to sell products across all business types.


Colony Logic, SaaS Platforms.

Colony Logic – Developers of CLX.


Colony Logic and CLX – Channel Management Software

Until now, if your business was burdened by outdated infrastructure you had two options. You could spend millions to have a complete software system built from scratch, or you could simply maintain the status quo. That’s why we developed CLX, the first ready-made solution for overhauling inefficient business operations.

We call it channel management software, and it was designed to be next-level software infrastructure that slots in seamlessly.

Become Mobile in the Cloud

Operations are streamlined in the cloud and managed through our mobile interface—creating a single source of truth across your entire business.

Ready Out of the Box

With light modification, we can have CLX fully integrated with your operations and current systems (CRM, billing, etc.) in as little as two months.

Make Back Office Back-of-Mind

The back office support your business needs—sales automation, product fulfillment, analysis and business intelligence—becomes effortless.

Trusted by leading global partners

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